This one is for shopaholics. In 2007, the increase in the capacity of a water purification plant was also badly needed. The Balkan mountains cross the country reaching to the edge of the Black sea at Cape Emine, dividing the coastline into a southern and Northern part. This will be the point at which significant wind movement of sand could occur since the normal waves do not wet the sand beyond this area. And they are only a part of entertainment for lovers of water sports.

Just North is perhaps the most famous gay beach in the country. The town is situated on the Northern coast and Burgas is located on the South coast. The removal of sediment from the beach berm and dune thus decreases the beach profile. You start your spending spree with a trip to the market in Kableshkovo. In two cities", the international airports, Varna airport and Burgas airport, the main service centres of the region.

Where wind is the force of grain distribution within the country, the Deposit behind the beach becomes a dune. This newly opened shopping centre is a force to be reckoned with. Golden Sands authorities resist demands to provide more automobile roads and Parking lots, citing the resort's reputation as family friendly, green, and largely pedestrian place. In addition, the Trakia motorway (A1) was completed in 2013, providing quick access between Burgas and Sofia, capital of Bulgaria, Plovdiv, second largest city. The beach was expanded in 2007 using rocks and sand that was removed when digging out for the Marina. Sveti Vlas is situated in the Northern part of the Bay which has Sunny beach in its middle and the ancient town of Nessebar at its southern tip. The sand Deposit may extend well inland of the crest of the shaft, where there may be evidence of one or more older crests (the storm beach) resulting from very large storm waves and do not affect the normal wave. The development of the resort began in 1957 and for about two decades, the site was transformed into a modern holiday complex with numerous hotels (many open year-round), villas, apartment buildings, Spa centres, restaurants, clubs, casinos, attractions, shopping malls, and sports facilities including a Marina, a riding school, and the Aquapolis water Park. Hemus (A2), is scheduled for completion after 2020, will make the trip from Sofia to Varna, significantly easier and faster, while the motorway "Cherno more" (A5) is planned to connect Varna and Burgas. Though Sveti Vlas was heavily developed in 2000's it remained pretty quiet and calm down place, making it a good place to stay.