Top Must-Watch Movies Thus Far In 2023

Latest telugu movies is among the most effective alternatives for India’s most treasured and prominent movie categories. They can choose this particular option to escape from standing in long queues. The new Telugu movies are available to audiences. These movies are acknowledged for their magnificent cinematography, gorgeous soundtracks, and gripping stories. Whether you like Telugu or Bollywood films, you must see these.

This article will certainly go over the greatest Telugu movies ever. To read more about the best Telugu motion pictures ever made, including box office strikes like Baahubali and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and well-regarded movies like Attarintiki Daredi and Annamalai, continue reading.

The story is constructed and focussed on the lives of Nazia, the role being played by Bhandhavi Sridhar and her mother Neelam, and the role played by Sangitha. Both characters are quite common for those in the middle class. They keep great relations with their neighbour, software employee Gopi Krishna, the personality being played by Thiruveer. Masooda usually succeeds to some level in terms of uniqueness and authenticity.

The efficiencies and technical mastery supply an excellent depth to the movie, yet the opening up hour’s sluggish pace and lag reason problems. Those who enjoy seeing scary films are welcome to attempt them. Nazia starts acting strangely when every little thing appears to be going according to strategy, shocking Neelam and Gopi to their core. Gopi has actually told Neelam that her daughter is had and in need of exorcists.

The more proceeding of the tale revolves around whether they run out the situation. It’s commendable that the filmmakers remained faithful to the scary subgenre without adding meaningless humour. From its primary plot, the motion picture just went a little.
In addition, the scary story was presented newly, and this novelty component helped the motion picture considerably. The second half of the movie is important since it is here that the mystery unfolds, and the plot thickens after that. The pre-climax and orgasm episodes stick out due to the fact that they provide goosebumps. The majority of the moment, the flick moves at a pretty slow-moving pace, and the initial half, in particular, drags a bit. A stronger screenplay would have enhanced the influence due to the fact that the very first half’s scene shifts are not smooth.

18 Pages:
A story that happens throughout 18 web pages centres on a software designer called Sidhu, who Nikhil Siddharth represents, and Nandhini, that Anupama Parameswaran describes. She betrays Sidhu, who is in love with another girl. In the meantime, Siddhu discovers Nandini’s journal while he is depressed. Siddhu begins reading it and gradually begins to like her. The plot transforms dramatic when Siddhu attempts to fulfill Nandhini after finding out remarkable truths about her. Inquiries consist of whether he has actually made her feel distinct to him. This is the major subject of the movie.
Furthermore, 18 Pages provides an ethical love story that viewers can connect to. Both primary characters provide exceptional efficiencies. The fact that the movie commonly keeps a light tone is charming. If one can surpass the relatively slow second fifty percent and the repetitive flashback scenes, the film still creates a great watch this weekend. Anupama’s character begins with a dramatic variable, however she eventually seems beautiful saying.
Even though Nikhil and Anupama don’t fulfill until the end, one can sense their chemistry. The message is healthy, consisting of both amusing and charming passages. The songs work as the story’s driving pressure and are attentively positioned. The film’s initial fifty percent is built by the director in a light and uncomplicated design with some pleasurable comedy. The orgasm is again lovely and underrated, which works.


The audiences need to prefer to see the Telugu new movies. Every filmmaker builds their movies with a way of thinking to get to more customers. A detailed analysis has actually been provided to the visitors of this article to make it extra straightforward.

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