Best Shopping Place In Mumbai

It doesn’t matter whether you are moody or often love to do shopping; linking road welcomes you with all open Arms. From cheap Daily wear to branded Cosmetics you will get everything here. Hence it is rightly known as the style hub of Mumbai where one can get all the fashion items without losing much from the Wallet. All the products right from the clothes, cosmetics, and jewellery are at a low price.


Earlier in the 1940s, the linking road was called Dadabhai Naoroji Road. It used to connect Juhu and Bandra. There were no shops at that time. Over a decade few shops came into existence. However, the establishment of the National College contributed to the crowd and it has bloomed a lot by then.  The shops are mostly Women-centric when one visits for shopping. Few shops sell men’s wear but most of the products you will find are feminine. You will find there is a huge length of road occupied by hawkers selling Bags, shoes, earrings, watches, and other accessories at very cheap prices. When one needs to explore beyond shopping there are several fast food chains available in the complex. Apart from that, there are various licensed private shops located on the roadside.


The market opening time is from morning 10 am. Depending on the shop sellers some may delay. All the shops are likely to close at 9 pm. While during the festival time the shops open a little earlier than usual time. There are multiple ways to get there. The market is 15-20 minutes away from the Bandra station if goes by walk. Sharing Autos is also available outside the station which costs 15 Rupees per seat. Other than that there are buses available for the same.

Since there is a huge flood in products one needs to know how to bargain. One can have a look at the whole market before finalizing the product. No need to argue with the seller about the price. The market is full of loaded with almost similar products. Usually, tourists are charged high than the normal price to earn more. One needs to be careful while bargaining and choosing a quality product. Apart from one can visit any time no matter what season you plan to visit. As for the shops, the opening timing of different sellers may vary.  It is better to visit during the evening time. It is also the time when one can enjoy a variety of street foods.